Active Hair Fibers

$ 29.99 USD $ 40 USD
Color: Black

Give yourself a younger look and get rid of bald spots. With our Active Magnetic Hair Fibers you can Extend the life of your natural hair look. Our hair fibers give your hair its natural boost, covering roots and bald spots.

  • Self-adjusting color technology blends undetectably and matches hair color perfectly
  • Spray Add-on to precisely apply the fibers
  • Perfect for on the go & small enough for travel
  • No flyaways or dusting!
  • Washes out with shampoo
    Before & After

    GIVES IMPRESSIVE RESULTS with a remarkable cover up effect that removes any gray hairs and bald spots for a younger and healthier look. Stimulates your self-esteem and confidence while facing your co-workers, friends and family. Forms a natural barrier to boost your youthful look.

    Choose Your Color!

    Our starter contains:

    • Bottle including 25gr fibers
    Advanced Package + $10

    Our Advanced Package contains:

    • Bottle including 25gr fibers
    • Hairline optimizer
    • Spray attachment
    Refill Pack

    At some point you will run out of fibers, by ordering additional refills you can save money in the long run. We offer these amounts:

    • 50gr + $20 Additional costs
    • 100gr + $30 Additional costs

    Look and feel healthier with more confidence and positive energy. 

    How to Use 
    1. Dry and style hair as usual
    2. Apply either via shake method or use the spray attachment
    3. Gently pat the applied area to disperse the product
    4. Comb or brush your hair if necessary
    5. To finish off, spray your hair with hair spray to lock in place
    No Subscriptions, Just A One-Time Purchase

    Natural Gossypium Herbaceum Fiber, Iron-based Colorants.

    No animal testing or hazardous impurities.

    100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with several to continue the impressive youthful benefits for months. If you don’t like our products you are always eligible to return them and get a 100% refund.